Sprout harvester

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Gebroken Meeldijk 77D
(+31) (0)180 617755
Postbus 130
2990 AC Barendrecht

Tumoba brings you the best sprout harvester available. The Tumoba vegetable harvesting equipment makes your work easier, thanks to great accuracy and working speed.

High quality equipment
At Tumoba we have different models of our sprout harvester. From selfpropelled or tractor mounted to trailed and statics. Our machines are made with great care, making sure all our machines, including of course our sprout harvester, are of the best quality. Tumoba can build you a range of machines to lift one or more beds, to make harvesting easier and more efficient.

Our expertise and machines help you manage your vegetable harvest easy and efficient. Can稚 find what you池e looking for? At Tumoba it痴 possible to build a custom harvester to meet all your needs and requirements. You can fill in our contact form for a detailed quote. Tumoba is situated in The Netherlands, at the following adress: Gebroken Meeldijk 77D, Postbus 130, 2990 AC Barendrecht. You can contact us by phone at this number: (+31) (0)180 617755.